recovery and depression days

I have depression days a few times a week. There isn’t really a cause tbh, it’s just part of having bpd. Although I can be triggered by intense stress, a drastic change in routine, an FP (more on that later) a brain overload of anxiety and of course, music group therapy. Usually these days consist […]

what is bpd tho

When i first was diagnosed in the late summer of 2013,  I jumped instantly on google and ended up finding the worst reports and studies. I found loads of articles regarding ‘ why you shouldn’t employ people with personality disorders’, ‘why everyone with bpd is manipulative’ and my firm favourite a study finding ‘8/10 people […]

hi hello whats good

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog 🙂 Thought it was about time I created one for all my ramblings I upload to instagram all the time! So here i’m aiming to just chat a lot, share poetry and pictures ( I’m in love with everything neon) & lots of content on living with bpd, finding […]